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Rocket Spanish can reduce the time needed to learn Spanish quite considerably if you follow the modules. It could reduce your learning time, I found it helped put the fun into learning Spanish.

Rocket Spanish claims to be the ultimate learning Spanish system and enable you to have flowing conversations in Spanish within 3 months.

But are they right in making those bold claims?

If you’re serious about learning Spanish, I recommend you read the rest of this review to find out for yourself.

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Rocket Spanish Review: To supplement my learning; whilst studying my Intermediate Spanish course at the local Town Hall (Ayuntomiento) I have been on the look out for a good online Spanish grammar course.

As I mentioned in one of my earlier blog posts, I have been trying to study Spanish for 6 years whilst living in Spain and have had little success with the different courses I have tried.

There are few that keep my interest past a couple of weeks and few that I actually learn much from, but now all of that has changed as I feel like I’ve found a gem of a course…Rocket Spanish.

Rocket Spanish features heavily on Spanish grammar but it is so much more than just learning boring grammar exercises parrot fashion.  It is so interactive, you feel like you could actually be in a live classroom. The way this course is put together ensures that you don’t get bored and you do actually learn.

What is also great is that if you found some of my intermediate blog posts a little advanced, Rocket Spanish starts right from the start, if you want it to; alternatively you can always skip a few exercises as the clever menu system makes it easy to see each lesson and choose which one you want to learn in the order that you want.

Great Features of Rocket Spanish

Anyway..enough of me talking, here are some of the great features i found with learning Spanish grammar with Rocket Spanish. But before I start I should mention that Rocket Spanish also offer a free 6 day trial of their online course, with this you get access to the members area, live online support, your own dashboard and several Spanish grammar exercises to try.

How you learn Spanish grammar with Rocket is by listening to audio whilst following the conversations and dialogue with transcripts.  The audio lessons are realistic and are clear & easy to follow teaching you how to speak Spanish in real life every day situations starting with ‘introductions’. The pace of the audio lessons are perfect for beginners with explanations and translations in English.

Not Just for Beginners

BUT if you are a little ahead of beginners level and would find a lesson on introductions too easy, don’t be put off. This course moves on as quickly as you let it and you can move straight onto to ‘Introductions Expanded’ if like me you feel that basic Introductions are too easy for you. Let me tell you that as a Spanish learner for 6 years or so there were parts of the Introductions Expanded exercise that were new to me!

As well as following along with the transcripts, there is also a practice section, this is where you can practice your accent by recording your voice and hearing it back alongside the native speaker; this is a really useful tool.

practice with Rocket Spanish

In addition, there is a section called ‘my level’, and with each exercise there is a wealth of tools and resources which come with this, including ‘Hear it, Say it’ and ‘Know it’.  These are again based on your own voice recordings, there’s even a quiz at the end of each exercise to keep you going….they really have thought of everything.

Extra Features

One of the great additions to Rocket Spanish is the ‘My Toolbox’ section, there is even a phrase finder here. Just type in a word or phrase and it will translate for you, no need to be using a dictionary or other translator as everything can be translated right here for you.

rocket spanish mytoolbox

Also you will see from the image to the right in the ‘My toolbox’ section is ‘Advanced Learning Techniques’, ‘My Vocab’ and ‘My Notes’.  It would take too long for me to explain these features in more detail so i recommend you head on over to sample the free 6 day trial to see for yourself.

Is it Worth the Money?

Claim a Rocket Spanish Survival Kit worth $49.95 for FREE! and a full 60 day money-back guarantee!

In my opinion, Yes! Based on the fact that I have tried so many different courses and not stuck to them, Rocket Spanish is offering something different.

Free Learning Spanish trial

It keeps your attention by being interactive rather than simply following an audio course that you soon get bored with and let me tell you, and the cherry on the cake is that it is a lot cheaper than many other heavily advertised Spanish language courses.