Review of: Rocket Spanish Premium

Use: Teach You To Speak Spanish


Proven methods to help you learn fast


Premium level is competitively priced

Ease of Use

Takes a bit of time to get used to


Good answers and fast response time

We Like

  • My Vocab feature to build a custom list of words
  • Badges & points system to help you stick with it
  • Rocket Forums for the learning community
  • Listen & repeat options

Areas To Improve

  • Test area answers not flexible
  • Learning curve of interface
  • Cant Add in Other Modules

Want to learn Spanish and unsure of the best method? Is Rocket Spanish 2018 Edition worth your money?

I bought the 2018 edition of Rocket Spanish and decided to review it for you.

Rocket Spanish Premium is a great digital course to learn Spanish if your disciplined. However, if you skip any lesson modules to speed up your learning time you will end up going in circles and not using it.

I've put this review together to give you an insight into Rocket Spanish features and learning modules. Enjoy!

My Spanish speaking Journey so far...

If you've read any of my journey so far you will know what I've done to learn Spanish in the past, for those who haven't here's a quick recap.

I moved to Spain from the UK and couldn't speak one word of Spanish.

I wanted to immerse myself in the local culture and mix with ​the many Spanish people I meet daily.

But the most motivating factor is my little girl has started Spanish school and I need to communicate with her teachers and to help her with homework.

There are no allowances in Spanish state school, you communicate in Spanish.

Knowing how vital it is for me to grasp a solid understanding of the language, my Spanish learning quest begun. I've highlighted some of the things I tried before signing up to Rocket Spanish, some of them were helpful, some not..

Learning Spanish: This is what I’ve tried so far

  • Completed month long intensive Spanish courses at Malaga University
  • Weekly subsidised courses run by the local town hall
  • ​Inter-cambio group coffee mornings (with native English and Spanish speakers)
  • ​One to one conversational coffee mornings with a native Spaniard

Although I was progressing slowly I still froze and stumbled for words a lot when conversing in Spanish.

After a long conversation with one of my ex-pat friends Amy she told me to try Rocket Spanish as that's how she became fluent.

2018 EDITION of Rocket Spanish comes in three different flavours:

I purchased "The Premium" course which Rocket Languages claim will take you from beginner to intermediate, I used the coupon and got 50 USD discounted and a lifetime membership.

There is a comparison table below to show you the main differences in the packages.​ You can click the button to discover more information about any of the different courses.

The 3 Rocket Spanish 2018 Edition Courses



from: Beginner to Intermediate

Conversational Level: Good

  • 34 Interactive Audio Lessons
  • 33 Language and Culture Lessons
  • 134 Hours of Lesson Time
  • 2666 Voice Comparison Phrases
  • 24/7 Forum & Email Support
  • 24/7 Lifetime Access
  • FREE Updates

FREE Bonuses with Your Order

  • Premium Survival Kit
  • Premium+ Survival Kit
  • Platinum Survival Kit

Was 150 USD
NOW 99.95 USD



from: Beginner to Advanced

Conversational Level: Very Good

  • 66 Interactive Audio Lessons
  • 56 Language and Culture Lessons
  • 244 Hrs of Lesson Time
  • 5807 Voice Comparison Phrases
  • 24/7 Forum & Email Support
  • 24/7 Lifetime Access
  • FREE Updates

FREE Bonuses with Your Order

  • Premium Survival Kit
  • Premium+ Survival Kit
  • Platinum Survival Kit

Was 299 USD



from: Beginner to Advanced

Conversational Level: Advanced

  • 98 Interactive Audio Lessons
  • 87 Language and Culture Lessons
  • 370 Hrs of Lesson Time
  • 10004 Voice Comparison Phrases
  • 24/7 Forum & Email Support
  • 24/7 Lifetime Access
  • FREE Updates

FREE Bonuses with Your Order

  • Premium Survival Kit
  • Premium+ Survival Kit
  • Platinum Survival Kit

Was 449 USD

European Framework Reference for Spanish

Level Group


Level Name


Basic User



Breakthrough or beginner

Way Stage or elementary​

Understand basic phrases

Understand sentences

Independent User





Understand main points

Understand complex ideas

Proficient User





demanding longer texts

virtually fluent

How Rocket Spanish ties into the European framework for languages


Spanish Level

Lessons / hrs

No. Phrases



Level 1 | A1/A2

67 / 134



The Combo

Level 1 & 2 | B1/B2

122 / 244



The Works

Level 1,2 & 3 | C1

185 / 370



All prices are in USD and sign up is easy and quick as you would expect. If you are unhappy with the course for any reason, Rocket will give you a full refund within 60 days of purchase.

After logging into your rocket Spanish premium account you are taken to ‘my dashboard’ which is the main area for helping you organise and track your Spanish learning progress.

Download our rapid learning cheat sheets & speak Spanish like a pro!

Our FREE cheat sheets contain 200 of the most commonly spoken words used by native Spanish speakers, start learning Spanish in minutes!

Dashboard - Login & Getting Started

My Dashboard is broken down into the following 5 areas​:

  • Top Horizontal Menu - 4 drop down menu options
  • Left Side Vertical Menu - 7 Options
  • My Rocket Scheduler
  • Module Overview
  • Rocket Points Dashboard

​Once logged into Premium Level 1 you have a horizontal menu with 4 options and a vertical menu with 7 options.

Top Horizontal Menu

The horizontal menu has 4 options and each can be broken down into further sub-menus (as highlighted below).

  • Menu Option 1: Interactive Audio Lessons - 8 Topic Areas containing 34 lessons
  • Menu Option 2: Language & Culture Lessons - 7 Topic Areas containing 33 lessons
  • Menu Option 3: Games - 4 choices
  • Menu Option 4: Survival Kit - 13 Topics

Please note I have only listed the 8 topics from the "Interactive Audio Lessons" main menu, there are 34 lessons within these 8 topics.

There are 33 lessons spread over 7 sections within the "Language & Culture Lessons" main menu, I have listed the first 3 sections as a small example of lessons covered.


  • Greeting, Meeting, Food, and Drink
  • Travel
  • Talking About You and Me
  • Cash or Credit?
  • Socializing
  • In Your Spare Time
  • Family Matters
  • In Review


  • How to Pronounce Spanish Words
  • People, Places, and Things
  • Using Articles
  • Talking About ’You’, ’He’, and ’We’
  • "To Be" Part 1: The Verb SER
  • Bullet Point 2
  • People, Places, and Things
  • Using Articles
  • Talking About ’You’, ’He’, and ’We’
  • "To Be" Part 1: The Verb SER
  • Bullet Point 2
  • Numbers (Part 1)
  • Numbers (Part 2)
  • Telling the Time
  • Verbs in the Present Tense
  • The Verb IR (to go)


  • MegaCards Beginners
  • MegaCards Advanced
  • Phrase Master : Rocket Spanish Premium
  • Word Master : Rocket Spanish Premium​


  • Beginners Spanish - Book
  • Conversation Course
  • Body Parts
  • City Life
  • Clothing
  • Colors
  • Countries
  • Days of the Week
  • Food
  • Pronunciation
  • Numbers from 0 to 10
  • Numbers Greater than 10
  • Vocabulary Supplement

Left Side Vertical Menu

The Vertical Menu in "My Dashboard" is broken down into 7 sections: 

  • My Dashboard - Main area to control your Spanish learning experience
  • My Forum - Ask questions, get support, converse with fellow members
  • My Toolbox - Utilize these 5 resources to accelerate your learning
  • Phrase Finder - Where you can find just the right term every time
  • My Vocab - Your very own personalized vocabulary list
  • Advanced Learning Techniques - To help you improve your learning time by up to 50%
  • My Notes - Store your own comments and notes about any of the lessons you've done
  • My Badges - Keeps you motivated by awarding you points and badges as you learn
  • Rocket News - Keep up to date with all the latest news from Rocket Languages HQ
  • Take A Tour - Take a guided tour of the latest features of Rocket Spanish 2015
  • Live Tutoring - Hook up with an expert, you can hire a native by the hour
  • Other Products - Free course offers, vouchers, Espanol episodes and much more..

Rocket Points Totals

At the bottom of the vertical menu is your points summary area.

This is a snapshot of your daily points total, your daily points goal and your badge rewards total.​

These motivating factors help you accomplish your daily goals. You accumulate points for exercises that you complete and you can edit your 'point total goal' to learn at a faster or slower rate by clicking on the pencil icon.

Your rewards total is the points you have accumulated whilst logged into Rocket Spanish, they hold you accountable and show how you stack up against other Rocket members​.

The Rocket Scheduler

The dashboard gives you an overview of where you are with each lesson and monitors your daily points total.

Daily Points Total: Your daily points total (38 in this example).

Active Streak: Records the current number of days you have logged in consecutively

Longest Streak: Records the longest run of consecutive days logged into Rocket Spanish​

Recorded Daily ​logins: Your logins are monitored and displayed on your dashboard to hold you accountable and encourage you to maintain your streak.

You can set your 'working days'​ so for example you may only want to work on your Spanish 5 days a week and this can be set by clicking Settings under the daily login screen as illustrated below.

Lesson Modules

Underneath the Rocket Scheduler you have an instant snapshot of the Lesson Modules you have completed. This is a fast way to track what progress you are making.

​The lessons for each Module are broken down into 2 levels - Interactive Audio and Language and Culture.

Each lesson has a title and is tested by completing 5 components. Each component has a legend (box that contains a capital letter), underneath the lesson name - they serve 2 main purposes.

1. Each letter symbolises 1 of the 5 different testing stages

H: Hear It | W: Write It | K: Know It | P: Play It | Q: Quiz

2. Every box has a color. Grey - incomplete, green - it's Easy, purple - pretty good, yellow - so-so, orange - needs work, red - not at all

For completeness I have included the default lesson legend above which includes the downloadable PDF of the lesson which you can load to your phone or computer to help you learn even when your not logged into the system.

Module 1 Screenshot Overview

In the above screenshot 1.1 Introductions, 1.2 Introductions Expanded & 1.3 The Perfect Coffee lessons are complete. They belong to the interactive audio lesson group which is marked with a green tick inside a circle.

1.4 Taking a Photo lesson has a 'W' in a grey box which signifies the lesson is incomplete as the 'Write It!' section has not been completed.

When the letter has a color assigned (apart from grey) it means that part of the lesson has been completed. In the above example the letter Q​ is filled in green which means the quiz has been completed with 'Its Easy' legend.

If you found a lesson difficult you can repeat it until you learn it and then mark it accordingly. If you want to repeat the whole module again you can reset either the module or lesson.

Interactive Audio Lessons

I’m going to dive right in and start the course, skipping the first lesson and starting at the second one ‘Interactive audio 1.2 Introductions Expanded’. Here I will follow each section in full and give my opinion on what’s good and what’s not at the end.

Interactive Audio: The first audio section is about 20 minutes long and the first thing Amy (the American learning Spanish) does is recap some of the words you learnt from last lesson with Mauricio providing the Spanish.

Next Amy explains what you will hear in this section of dialogue with a bit of background on Spanish culture which is useful, as well as some tips on how to remember certain words for example:

  • Encantado – Delighted (when being introduced to someone), sounds like the word in English Enchanted.

You can pause the audio at any time and go back to the start if you didn’t catch anything but I would recommend listening to it through at least once as the pace is good and everything is explained well.

An extra tool Rocket offer is the facility to be able to download the pdf which accompanies the audio, useful if you like to read as you listen. I found the conversation transcript was enough as it gives you the Spanish conversation as you hear it in the full audio lesson.

Which leads me on to the next section; playing the role of either Amy or Mauricio which is great for a little bit of an advanced lesson once you have listened to the initial dialogue a few times.

Basically, you choose to play one or the other and the audio will give you time to say the missing dialogue as you listen. You may want to listen to the audio in full a few times before you attempt this, but trust me it won’t take you long to pick it up.

Role Play Advanced

Extra Vocabulary

The next section on extra vocabulary is designed so you can work through it at your own pace and if you like you can record your own voice repeating each phrase.

This is a very useful tool as I have personally found over the years of learning Spanish that the best way to learn is to say it yourself out loud. I could sit and listen or read Spanish all day long but if I am not speaking it then I just don’t retain it.

Testing Components

Ok so next is the testing section where you can actually earn points to gauge how well you’re doing. I've covered this already in a section above Lesson Module Overview but here's a recap.

The testing section has 5 components each one symbolized by a letter.

The Different Testing Methods

  • H - Hear It, Say It - Spanish audio lessons are played and you repeat the words and phrases
  • W - Write It - You write down the Spanish phrases to improve your written Spanish.
  • K - Know It - Translate English to Spanish! Repeat until you remember and understand
  • P - Play It - Take part in actual conversation. Play the role of Amy or Mauricio to test your conversation skills. (Use a headset)
  • Q - Quiz - Test your knowledge with these multiple choice questions

All fairly self explanatory but click on the information button to be sure you know what you’re doing and so that you can gain maximum points as this will help you feel confident to move on.

Take Digital Notes

Don’t forget to save any notes you make at the bottom too, you might not feel you need them now, but trust me they’ll come in handy later on.

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Language and Culture Lessons

The language and culture section surprised me because it is just as large and in-depth as the interactive audio section with over 30 lessons in total and it acts as a great follow up.

For example the first lesson in language and culture: 1.8 How to Pronounce Spanish Words is actually a great place to start before you even get into the audio lessons, in fact Rocket make some noteworthy points here:

  • Spanish is phonetic which means that if you memorize the sounds of each letter in the alphabet, you can read ANY word
  • Did you know that the letter W is only used in foreign words of origin like Washington

As well as in the audio lessons, there’s the usual testing section so you can practice pronouncing, reading and writing the letters to gain more points which is bound to give your confidence a boost.

Games Section

From the Games drop down menu there are 4 options: MegaCards Beginner and Advanced, Phrase Master and Word Master.

Flashcards may take you back to your school days but they are proven to be an effective way to learn a language.

Flashcards are shown with a Spanish sentence, there’s a countdown timer for you to repeat the phrase in English before it is shown and said aloud. There are hundreds of these flashcards to work through, so even after you have completed the audio courses in full, there are still lots for you to be getting on with to keep your level of Spanish current in the games section:

Spanish Flashcards - Beginner Level

Spanish Flashcards - Advanced Level

Build your knowledge of Spanish words and phrases using MegaCards advanced. Each MegaCard displays a picture, word and phrase.

To play you click "Show Card" to view the picture plus hint as the countdown timer starts. You can increase the difficulty by reducing the number of seconds on the countdown timer​ the range is from 1 - 30 seconds.

You can work your way through 106 flashcards and alter the countdown timer to increase or decrease difficulty.

Games Section Word-Master

The game is harder to explain than to play so bear with me here.

The game hinges on a spaceman walking to his Rocket spaceship. He can't make the crossing if he doesn't have a bridge to walk over and that's where you come in.

Letters drop out of the sky and you use these to construct a word bridge by placing them in the correct order to spell the word.

The game starts off at an easy level​ and a voiceover pronounces each word in Spanish once. A Rocket spaceman is animated walking towards the spaceship and if you don't construct the word in time he falls down to a horrible death onto a pile of molten magma.

The words get progressively harder as you move through the levels and the difficulty also increases when the game decides to throw down the characters at crazy speed levels.

When you complete one level you unlock the padlock on the next level and move to the next ... duh. ​

I count 25 levels below so crack on to complete the levels and gain your Rocket Spanish Badges and reward points.​

You can see me completing Level 1 below, with a top score, wahoo! Beat that if you can!

You can pause the game in case you don't want to ruin your score when you plan to raid the kitchen to scoff another Mr Twinkie. I know what your thinking and, alas, the pause button hides the word so you cant use this to help you, so don't try cheating.

Phrase Master Game

Also in the games section is a phrase master tool. Sounds like fun so I thought I’d give it a try.

The idea is that a sentence is spoken and the words in that sentence float randomly down, you have to grab the word and place it in the correct order to construct the phrase.

Survival Kit

In this final section, you can download a 200 page beginner’s Spanish book all included in the price of the course, this is a very useful piece of kit which you can refer back to at any time. It’s complete with everything you have learnt in the audio lessons.

The survival kit also comes with extra lessons on things like body parts, city life, clothing and much more vocabulary and phrases essential to your goal in becoming fluent in Spanish.

My Forum

My Forum provides an interactive forum for Rocket members to post a question, search through previous threads and interact with other members.

I asked a couple of questions which were promptly answered by Cristian (Rocket admin) and some other senior members ​whilst I progressed through the course.

It's a useful resource should you need to dig a little deeper and help or be helped by others. There are several people on there looking for one on to one help and offer Skype exchanges to improve each others conversational Spanish.

Main Forum Sections

  • Conversation in Spanish
  • Spanish - Culture and Travel
  • Feedback and comments
  • Spanish Grammar
  • Spanish - Vocab

I counted over 1600 threads and 9000 posts in the Spanish forum.​

Things I Like about Rocket Spanish

Did I learn anything new? Well yes I have to say I did.  Even though this is a beginner to intermediate course I have definitely learnt new words and phrases and I have also confirmed and strengthened the original vocabulary I already had.

The most positive thing to come out of it for me is that I feel like I want to move onto the next level now and continue improving what I’ve learnt, allaying one of the concerns I had that I wouldn’t have the motivation and dedication to get through an on line course at home.

Proof that if you have the self motivation to log on every day and even just do half an hour of Spanish, you will only do one thing – get better!

Rocket Languages utilise the scientific research behind offering micro commitments to encourage users to grow their learning skills.

People like rewards and acknowledgement for achievements and they are handed out in badges, points and streaks. When you have logged on for 7 days straight there is a niggling thought in your mind pestering you to do more and not to break your daily streak.

Any frustrations?

  • There is obviously more than one right answer on some written/oral modules and if your answer is not an exact match for Rocket's then this would be marked down. Its virtually impossible to cover every answer so we can cut some slack on this points.
  • Not a negative as such but as a Spanish learner living in Spain, I noticed that the Rocket course is more aimed at Latin American Spanish. 

What’s the difference you might ask?

Latin Spanish vs Peninsula Spanish

Rocket Languages teach Latin American Spanish, as opposed to European Spanish. 

For Example.

In lesson 2.1 ‘Taking a tour’ they use the word ‘carro’ instead of ‘coche’ meaning ‘car’.

‘Carro’ is more widely used in Latin America for the word car, in Spain most natives use coche and indeed I’ve always been taught to use the word coche in all of my lessons.

I have it on good authority however from my native Spanish friend that if you said either, you would be perfectly understood in both Spain or South America.

Just be aware of subtle little differences like this if you plan to use your Spanish in Spain as opposed to South America.

Quick Summary


  • Learn at your own pace
  • Good support
  • Great price compared to other Spanish courses
  • Module learning promotes faster learning
  • Points systems are good motivators
  • APP for iOS and Android


  • Steep learning curve
  • Subtle differences in European/Latin Spanish
  • Hear and Say It Sections are a little long
  • Test area only accepts one answer

Is Rocket Spanish Worth the Investment?

The Rocket Spanish course packs in over 130 hours of learning, audio lessons, tests and games for less money than its' competitors.

Many times I’ve been stumped in class and I’m too embarrassed to ask the teacher to explain it again.

With Rocket, you learn at your own pace and if you want extra help then just log onto the ‘My Forum’ section and ask a question, you’ll find people very friendly and helpful in their replies.

Learning a language at home can feel lonely but the forum brings everyone together and you soon realise you’re not alone.

If you’re still not convinced then try the Premium course for FREE before you commit. It will cost you nothing to sign up for the 7 day mini course just click the button below

If you are serious about improving your Spanish then I would not hesitate in recommending this course to you, it also works!